They have a large team of writers within this essay writing service. It means that they can cover a lot more subjects and do not have to turn students down. They are an essay writing service that caters to the student community. This means that if you are a student and you want your essay writing for you, then you can contact this company and they will do it for you. Every piece is custom written as per the instructions you give, and every essay they produce is unique. They even promise 100% satisfaction with your order.

Writing Quality

This essay writing service are an established essay writing company, so it stands to reason that this essay writing service have quite a few essay writers and that they are able to be picky when they hire them. This essay writing service is able to be more diligent in their selection process, which means the services provided are elevated in their quality and consistency. It means this essay writing service is not scratching around for writers and so are able to hire people that are both qualified and that are good at their job. This essay writing service also pay a decent wage to the writers, which means a lot of them have experience within the company. This all adds up to a very good writing service that produces high quality content for its student customers.


Your work will be delivered via email. It is the most secure and the most convenient way to send your work to you. Along with your essay, you also get free amendments, free customer support, free formatting, free e-mail delivery, free bibliography, free outline, and a free title page. Security is a big issue with this company because they have to protect the privacy of their users. That is why they run their service on a secure network. Their service is also confidential, so they are not allowed to disclose who used the site or the services attached to the site. They are very security conscious and it is very reassuring for their student clientele.


They do some very good prices if you are willing to wait for your essay paper. The longer you wait then the less it will cost you. One page at undergraduate level will cost you just $10 if you are willing to wait 14 days for it. One page at the highest level, professional level, will cost you $19 if you are happy to wait 14 days. A single page at professional level will cost you $39 if you want it in eight hours, which is the shortest deadline you can get. They advertise the fact that they have prices as low as $10 per page. It is a very good price for an essay writing service.

Customer Support

If you live in North America, then you get a toll free number you can call. There is 24/7 customer support along with Live chat that you can access via the website. They also have Skype, so that you may talk to a customer support team member via the Internet if you have a Skype account. The customer support people are very well trained and friendly.

Site Usage

It is tough to list all of the things that this essay writing service does because they do so many things, but as a rough overview they do: speech/presentation, case studies, coursework, article critique, scholarship essays, introduction chapters, coursework, book report/review, discussions, methodology work, results, movie review, dissertations, article critiques, speeches, annotated bibliography, and reference sections. But, that is only a small percent of their overall output that spans across many disciplines.

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