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Essayempire review with ratings

This is an essay writing service that is staffed by highly trained and very well educated writers. They are able to write very high quality pieces of work because they have already completed the qualifications you are trying to get, and they have had experience writing the same essays for quite a while since working for the company. As a result, they can create a high scoring essay in no time at all.

Writing Quality

The writing quality lives up to the name of the company. The work is genuinely of a superior nature. One is often surprised with how they are able to produce such high quality works on such a short deadline. Their prices are not exactly cheap, so it is easy to see why the writers try so hard. If the prices were cheaper, then they could not retain the staff that create these wonderful works. They have a no-quibble amendment policy, which just goes to show how confident they are in the work their writers do. There is no form of spinning or any form of plagiarism. It is just 100% original content all the way.


They will deliver your superior paper via the email address that you set up your account with. It is easy to make your order, and once your deadline arrives you will get your essay. You may also request that you get freebies such as free customer support, free amendments, free e-mail delivery, free formatting, free outline, free bibliography, and a free title page.


The review of EssayEmpire prices is very good. The highest price you will pay per page of essay work is $57.99. That is with the three-hour deadline. With a ten-day deadline, it costs $24.99 per page, and those are the platinum level prices. If you want the premium prices then it is $21.99 per page for ten days and $52.99 per page for three hours. The standard quality is the lowest quality they offer and a ten-day deadline makes your project cost $19.99 per page. If you want it in three hours then it will cost $51.99 per page. Those are the prices you can pay, but they are at both extremes that show both the highest and lowest prices. If you use the quotation tool, you can find your own prices that depend on your own needs by using the no-obligation quotation tool.

Customer Support

There is an IM function at the bottom of the web page. You can use it to ask a question to one of the customer support staff on the system. They also have three phone numbers you can call, with one of them being toll free for US citizens. They have Skype so you can contact them via that and they have 24/7 online chat too.

Site Usage

They will happily produce college essays, term papers, academic essays, thesis services, proofreading services, editing services, admission services, presentation services, High School essays, dissertation services, CV services, research papers, and online or magazine articles. There are very few subjects that do not fall within one of those categories.

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